A Very Fine & Rare 17th Century English Doglock Musketoon

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A very very rare mid 17th Century English Musketoon of the type that would have been used during the English Civil War. This massive gun weighs 8.4kg(18.4lbs), it has a 29" bronze barrel stamped "TW" & two proof marks at the breach. The elm stock with iron mounts and dog lock action. This is a very rare piece and in superb untouched condition. Many guns of this period have been restocked or had major wood restoration but this gun is in superb original condition with only a few minor woodworm holes to the butt.46.75" Overall

Due to its size and weight it is most likely that this musketoon would have been used on the ramparts of a castle or large house as it would have been too cumbersome to have been carried during battle.